• Carmink Kantyna Gdańsk
  • completed 2019
  • This project is the next stage of our cooperation with our good friends behind the Carmnik brand. They started with the first and most characteristic foodtruck in Tri-City, then we joined forces to create a stationary restaurant in Gdynia and our last affair is Carmnik Kantyna in Gdańsk. In the menu, their best- unique burgers and sandwiches with the highest quality ingredients.

The new place had to fit into the distinctive visual language of the brand. The small interior strongly refers to the Gdynia branch but we tried to find solutions that give each place an individual character. As for the colors scheme, the first place was taken by vivid maroon, whereas bottle green was used in accessories. Just like in the first Carmnik foodtruck, pine plywood is still the leading material here. The history of the brand and its connection with street food is shown directly in the interior design by placing the foodtruck model in a characteristic "altar" with a neon halo. As in the Gdynia restaurant, the central place is occupied by a brass-clad bar. We also made an effort to provide individually designed details - this time, the most striking one is the composition of lamps over the bar with interpenetrating forms of circles and straight lines.