This single-family house near Gdańsk is our answer to the inwestor’s guidelines and demanding conditions of its’ location - a small plot with a considerable slope (4 meters in the extreme points) located in a dense suburban development. From the side of the access road stands, a simple and full form stands out against a cluttered background of surrounding buildings. The dwelling follows the topography of the plot opening onto the garden through large glazings. Thanks to this approach it was possible to obtain a living zone of double height and an additional mezzanine with a place to work.

Due to dense surrounding buildings, some windows on the side of the street and the neighbouring plot were located at non-standard heights, allowing views to be framed on the surrounding greenery and the sky. Facades and roof finished in traditional materials of light-colored hand-formed brick and flat roof tiles were juxtaposed with the color accents in the form of a distinctly marked entrance to the building and an additional shelter.