• Nadmorski Park
  • completed 2019
  • co-author - Maciej Ryniewicz
  • client - Invest Komfort
  • photos - PION Studio
  • Interior design of common spaces of the apartment complex Nadmorski Park in Gdańsk. The visual language was built on natural materials and bright colours referring to the surrounding nature. The off-white colours and light terrazzo have been juxtaposed with stronger walnut wood and complemented by elegant details of olive marble. The handrails made of this stone give users the opportunity to feel the interior by touch.

Lounge is the area where we have decided to introduce darker colours, building the right atmosphere for evening social gatherings with music or film. The floor is made of black terrazzo, accompanied by graphite curtains and dark shades of green. The common feature here is walnut and light olive marble details. In this room, we have particularly emphasised the acoustics by using individually designed sound-absorbing surfaces and providing users with high quality music equipment. The fitness area is a bright open space with large glazing leading directly to the outdoor terrace. In the spa spaces we have created a more intimate atmosphere - soft seats bathed in dim light encourage relaxation in this area.