• Oranżadziarnia
  • competition
  • in cooperation with Dynamo Produce and Studio Mania
  • Oranżadziarnia- a cultural centre in Iwkowa. On the one hand, a joint with the original orangeade, a drink pleasently recalling childhood memories, on the other hand, a flagship building of this rural region merging educational and cultural functions together. The leading idea of this concept was the interpretation of the word Oranżadziarnia (a soda drinking joint) and its function directly in the form of the building. The transparent glass bubbles, that form the ground floor layout and divide the space into various functions, derive from orangeade itself – they resemble the carbon dioxide molecules bubbling in a soda bottle.

Next step was to combine the ’delicate’ ground floor structure with a massive pitched-roof with a deep eave. Through this combination the building not only gained the characteristic shape, but also additional roofed space in the ground floor area, which extends the commercial part of the building. Used materials like shingle and wooden cladding refer directly to traditional architecture of this region, especially the nearby cemetery church in Iwkowa. The main aim during the site planning was to create a functional arrangement, which would make complete use of the public square. The building along with the square is supposed to create an approachable and flexible space for the residents of Iwkowa.