• completed 2022
  • client -Invest Komfort
  • photos - Oni Studio

Opacka is a unique project that we worked on for almost 3.5 years. The client approached us to design the interiors of an intimate apartment complex located in the heart of Oliwa, an exceptionally charming historic district of Gdańsk, among old tenement houses, just next to the archcathedral and the Cistercian abbey complex. We wanted the interiors to correspond with the distinctive surroundings and to refer to them in a modern way. However, we do not portray the atmosphere of old Oliwa literally, but try to act subtly, referring to the colour palette, textures and craftsmanship in the details. We have built a visual language based on a palette of high-end materials such as stone, copper, walnut wood and patterned glass. The natural copper coats with patina over time and takes on a unique, age-old character specific to this part of the city.

We aim to make the designed spaces 'feel' also through touch - hence the varied textures - from satin-finished stone and soft fabrics to strongly raw, grained structures. A particularly strong material is the textured cast concrete with visible aggregate, and a very pronounced, rough structure. The visible effect required an customised concrete mix with a specially imported basalt aggregate and many on-site tests. The exposed walls emphasise the original structure of the building and, together with the other materials, create a unique juxtaposition of the raw and the elegant. The whole process would not have been possible without the huge commitment of the entire team, both on site and on the clients' end.

We pay special attention to details in our projects, we want each interior to be distinguished by individually designed elements that can only be found in this one space. In the Opacka project, these include metalwork elements, original steel and copper details and marble accents. We worked with the best local craftsmen to create their unique shape.

The boutique interiors are complemented by an art display. Together with the client, while still at the design stage, we collaborated with the Gdańsk-based artist Aleksandra Józefów, who created unique sculptures inspired by the surroundings, the history of the place and the interior design, in which the most important role is played by space-sensitising detail.

The daylight-filled communal spaces are defined by the predominant grey marble with regular vertical divisions used as wall cladding. A strong accent is the full copper railing climbing in ribbon form from the ground to the top floor. These are complemented by bespoke walnut wood door portals with copper detailing. Massive full-height glazing in the stairwell blurs the boundary between the building's interior and exterior spaces.