• completed 2022
  • photos - Oni Studio
  • ID - wedzicka.com

We were invited to collaborate on the project of this original restaurant by Isabella and Maciek – a super-cool Brazilian-Polish restaurateur couple. The owners' goal is to spread the rich culture and cuisine of Brazil, and we were to help them create a place where these goals can best be persued.

The interiors are our loose interpretation of Brazil's trademarks - a vibrant colour palette, tropical greenery, modernist architecture and local culture. The colours of smoky pink and terracotta are complemented by dark, exotic wood and natural wicker and sisal weaves. The raw concrete ceiling has been dipped in an intense dark green. On the walls, we used natural acoustic plaster with a cork mixture, which contrasts strongly with the soft fabrics and satin stone due to its rough texture. In the heart of the venue we designed a softly illuminated bar with a red porous travertine top. The various zones of the open plan are freely separated by wooden partitions in the form of a traditional cobogo.

The tropical atmosphere of the interiors harmonises with the original Brazilian dishes, which are subtly displayed in multicoloured glazed tableware. The distinctive interiors are complemented by a strong visual identity designed by Martyna Wędzicka, which included a logo, typography, branding and a beautifully assembled menu.