• Główna Osobowa
  • completed - 2015
  • co-author - Filip Kozarski
  • photos - Tom Kurek
  • Główna Osobowa is located in downtown Gdynia. The name reflects the social and casual style of the place (Osobowa meaning personal in Polish), at the same time, bringing out the old name of the city’s main train station. Our main goal was to design an interior which would work well during day time as well as late at night. At Osobowa, the day begins with an early, cafe-style breakfast. Further into the day, it transforms into a kingdom of contemporary fusion cuisine which, in the evening, is smoothly overtaken by the bar, the heart of the place. The dominant materials used are: concrete, steel, oak wood and thick woven fabric. Thanks to openwork structures, various off-white shades and a lot of natural light, we have managed to give it an airy and light touch.

Genuine leather-made elements, as well as, a selection of green plants enrich the overall arrangement. The uniqueness of the name has been emphasized by adding letters of old signboards, a menu resembling a train schedule and illuminated restroom signs. In order to sustain the character of the place, we have customized particular elements of the visual identity, coherent with the general design, such as: typewritten menus, steel reservation signs, stamps, chipboard business cards and staff uniforms. All the above mentioned items have been manufactured with the use of DIY methods.