• Kamienica
  • completed 2020

In 2018, we were invited to a project which aimed to give a new feel to a family run restaurant in Malbork since 1990. The restaurant is known among locals for its traditional Polish cuisine and the famous homemade pizza served there for over 30 years. The main idea behind the project was to create a new space with a cosy, homelike character, where new guests would feel the climate of the family restaurant and the regulars would feel comfortable in the renovated interior.

We proposed a palette of materials based on warm colors of deep green and sandy beige and natural materials such as dark stained oak wood and sisal weaves.

The central place in the restaurant is occupied by a bar with a unique tabletop made of natural stone in the color of flamed pink. Above the massive bar hangs a lamp of a contrastingly light form, designed especially for this space. As usual in our projects, we took care of many individually designed details, such as lodges, carpenter's fittings or shelving, which form a visually cohesive whole. In addition to the interior, the menu has been completely transformed. The owners focused on plant-based seasonal cuisine, where the menu changes once a week. Invariably, a permanent position on the menu is occupied by homemade pizza and baked on the spot bread and cakes supplemented by specialty coffee offer. The interior design is complemented by a coherent visual identity. Elements of the logotype and infographics appear in details such as staff attire, labels, or a unique semaphore sign in front of the entrance.